Swasti Experiences

Swasti Experiences | 2019

Sacred secret Holy Water temple + High Priest Blessing Ceremony

“A deep journey toward body and soul purification through an ancestral ceremony”

For over a thousand years the Hindus of Bali have been travelling across the island of Bali to bathe in the holy spring waters of the Tirta Empul Temple, Indonesia

Tirta Gering; for cleaning evil spirits, Tirta Merta; for prosperity, and Tirta Sudhamala; for purifying the body and soul.

Opening Ceremony with High Priest Coconut blessing in Swasti

“A Ceremony to ensure spiritual harmony”

Coconut is the favorite fruit of Lord Ganesha. Breaking coconuts means breaking your Ego.

The coconut displays the human body and when you break it, it means that you have incorporated yourself into the universe.

Cacao Ceremony

“Heal blockages and open your heart in this powerful ceremony”

Experience this powerful ceremony, connecting voice and body. Singing mantras and dancing for the Universe.

A flow of positive vibes, you will feel lighter, happier and connected. And Yes, you will drink the best organic cacao!!

Agnihotra Ceremony (Fire Ceremony)

“Heal blockages and open your heart in this powerful ceremony”

Agni refers to fire and Hotra means, healing. This healing fire ceremony is considered one of the highest Vedic rituals. Specially trained priests make offerings of ghee and grains into the fire while reciting Sanskrit mantras to invoke blessings of health and abundance.

We invite you to Agni Hotra ceremony to steep in the atmosphere of this sacred tradition, experience its healing benefits and convene in the spirit of One.

Balinese Dance Class in Swasti

Balinese dance class in Swasti

Balinese dance is an ancient dance tradition that is part of the religious and artistic expression. It is dynamic, angular and intensely expressive.

You will enjoy being part of this amazing and ancient culture.

Offering making workshop

“Selfless Offerings to Bali’s Gods”

Walk down any street on Bali, and the first thing you’ll see by your feet are the daily canang – ‘chanang’, or small, square, woven baskets made from cut coconut leaves and filled with flowers – accompanied by an assortment of gifts for the Gods and topped with a single smouldering stick of incense.

Come and learn how to make this simple, modest but beautifully crafted banten and learn more about this ancient incredible culture.

Balinese Dinner with Balinese dance Performance

“Balinese culture through the eyes of a child”

Experience Balinese culture through the kid's eyes from the PERMATA HATI ORPHAN CENTER, in Nyuh Kuning. This Event's in partnership with Yayasan Taman Permara Hati is an Orphan Day Center located only a few meters from Swasti. The energy in this center is so vibrant.

The light in the children eyes are shining so bright, Conscious choices change the world. At Swasti we prefer LOCAL. SUPPORT and GROW

Silent Disco with DJ

“Inner Whispers Silent Disco”

Let’s celebrate life & love dancing around the fire and surrounded by candles... You have Wings, Learn how to Fly Forget Safety, Let us whisper in your soul A silent journey where music is the map.

Dj AiNi will make us dance!!

Herbal walk – Discover

“Dive into the Magical herbs of our garden and learn how to make traditional herbal drinks”

Come and enjoy a beautiful herbal walk through our beloved organic garden!! If you are a herbal lover you will be on heaven learning how to make a traditional Balinese drink "Kombucha" and a yummy "Jamu Jamu " or "Mojitoria!! our special version of a Classic Mojito.

INCLUSIONS: Guided herbal walk "Kombucha" WORKSHOP

Green Bike

“Experience the Spirit of rural life”

Visiting Balinese traditional coffee plantation, Geopark Mt Batur Caldera, riding through the historical Taro Village… and much more.

This is fantastic rice, with a lot of cultural information, photo stops… to experience the authentic Bali rural life.

Spectacular Waterfalls Tour

“The magic of the water”

Ubud is one of the best launching points to experience waterfall. Waterfalls are pure magic, in Bali, you can find waterfalls hidden around every corner of the jungle, we will bring you to a beautiful tour where you will enjoy the most spectacular waterfalls.

Half day trip