Be Keen To Be Green

about us

swasti eco cottages
Green is what makes us all keen to wake up and nice up the scene! You don’t like false promises, and what we can tell you, is that with us you will have your dose of mango trees, jumping squirrels and homegrown green beans! Sleeping in one of our eco friendly homes is like hugging Bali and all the magic this island has to offer!


Arena for Yoga Retreat Warriors

Evolve and dissolve in our octagonal Yoga Shala.

Build in coconut, the last available wood in Bali that does not engage in the deforestation of Kalimantan or Borneo Forests, our 11m diameter yoga field allows 30 warriors to untie their hamstrings, loosen their spine, unwind their breathe and shake their booty!

Eat Like it Matters!

Paleo, vegan and vegetarian meals

If love is in the kitchen, with us it starts in the Garden. We love to grow all kind of juicy greens and we love to find those forgotten aboriginal seeds from Bali that test like no other herbs in the world!!

Where Will I Sleep?

You are looking for the perfect venue to make your next kickass yoga retreat and you want to be sure that your students will have a roof on their heads? You would like something that blends comfort with a sense of authenticity and creativity? We’ve got your back here… relax and check our eco-friendly homes.


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