Yoga Retreat in Bali

Feel, Move, Eat and Meet

A Yoga Resort
To Call Home

We are like you! We love good vibes, serene jungle and high-frequency food...  We want to feel good, laugh without fears and connect deeply. We are committed to growth and we are in this world to evolve, each one in the depth of our dignity and own values... Our yoga resort, nested in a hill close to the mystical Monkey Forest in Central Ubud, Offer just that! And because we care, we do all this with a radical organic approach that honor and respect the land we leave in! Come and vibe deep with us!

Join our Yoga Family Retreat in Bali

Transformation Breath Work and Bio-Energetic Release Immersion

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath” – Amit Ray

Giving yourself time to focus on yourself and to immerse yourself in breathwork, will have profound restoring and detoxing effects. Teaching your body to naturally breathe more deeply, smoothly in a more relaxed but still energetic and balanced way.

Stand Up for Birth - Training and Retreat

“An Epic Retreat & Training in Exotic Bali”

Deepen your birth wisdom and passion during this immersive, interactive Dancing For Birth™ Retreat & Training designed for birthkeepers, pregnant women and those who are passionate about birth.

The VeganFitness Bali Retreat

Come and join us for this transformational adventure!

Spend time with a group of amazing people, upgrade your mindset and create memories and friends to last forever in our retreat center in Bali! In this natural vegan paradise half the land is dedicated to growing healthy organic plant-based food, which will leave you feeling energized and revitalized. Pure alkaline triple filtered water is freely available on tap.

Spirit Journey Yoga

“Respond to every call that excites your Spirit” – Rumi

200 hour foundation yoga teacher training

Fire & Flow - an immersive yoga retreat


Are you longing to fire up your soul? To find magic, to connect to joy and to live this life to the fullest? Join Tanja Mickwitz and Bridget Luff on a sacred journey to Bali and immerse yourself in yoga, meditation, nature and ceremony.

Vegan Yoga and Wellness Adventure Retreat

“Escape the day-to-day mundane and experience pure presence during this empowering week of self-care and revitalizing experiences.”

Retreat Inner Peace in Bali

"Fly away from your worries and your mouses and land in peace, space and relaxation."

Sometimes you are just caught in a continuation, a strong being, a persevering. It is power that we can do that and it is also occasionally necessary to really relax. That is what this week is about. A week to find peace, to be in touch with yourself again and to recharge your batteries.

Celebrate the Divine You Yoga Retreat


Spend your week rejuvenating and healing your soul with daily yoga and meditation sessions, plus a selection of Bali's cultural and wellness activities.

Pranaluz 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in Eco Swasti

“your true spirit is that of infinite spirit, the feeling of limitation is the work of the mind.” Ramana Maharshi

Take a step towards your new career and become a certified Yoga Instructor!

Pranaluz 300 HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


Inspired by Buddhist teachings and strong scientific background, you will learn practical skills, advanced asanas, in-depth anatomy and meditation, adjustments, how to teach yoga to diverse audiences such as kids and teens yoga, prenatal and postnatal, and yoga for injuries and much more!

Writing Retreat in Bali


A stellar line-up of scribes with top-notch credentials. You’ll be guided by two regarded novelists, an AFI nominated Screenwriter, a New York Times Journalist, a BBC Radio New Voice and a freelance Copywriter who travels the world, writing for global brands.